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Safe and reliable repairs

At Medicon, every product is built to last. We develop durable, high-quality products that our customers can rely on, and protect their patients at the same time. We offer our customers reliable repairs with original components when you need them.


Please use the goods accompanying form Return for complaints. You can find it in our download center.

Report incident

Contact the Medicon Medical Device Safety Officer immediately.

Für eine Meldung des Vorkommnisses ist das Ausfüllen des Erfassungsformulars Reklamation zwingend erforderlich. Bitte füllen Sie dieses Formular vollständig aus und legen Sie dieses dem Produkt bei! Das Erfassungsformular Reklamation können Sie im Download Center im Medicon Extranet herunterladen.

Im Notfall können Sie den Sicherheitsbeauftragten für Medizinprodukte der Medicon eG auf kurzem Wege über die E-Mail-Adresse md.vigilance[at] erreichen.

In order to report the incident, it is mandatory to fill in the complaint form. Please fill out this form completely and enclose it with the product! You can download the Incident recording form from the Download Center on the Medicon Extranet.

In the event of an emergency, you can contact the Medical Devices Safety Officer of Medicon eG via the e-mail address md.vigilance[at]

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