Medicon Repair Service

High-quality repairs for your instruments. No matter which brand. No matter if single instruments or set-wise reconditioning of surgical instruments.

Our service

  • Full repair

    Repair of the functionality and reworking of the complete instrument surface

  • Preventive set reconditioning

    Maintenance of your instrument collection to preserve its value

Manufacturer quality repairs

We have been developing, designing, and manufacturing surgical instruments for 80 years now. Consequently, you are in good hands with us.

Your repairs will be carried out by our qualified technicians and surgical mechanics, who have many years of experience in the field of instrument manufacture and instrument repair. This makes them experts and is the prerequisite for a repair that guarantees functionality, safety, and model fidelity.

Preserve value

Even when used properly, our products are subject to the daily rigors of the operating room and reprocessing. Through their use and constant disinfection, cleaning, and sterilization, constant wear and tear take place. In the long run, this leads to a reduction in the original value of your instrument park.

Preventive maintenance can slow this depreciation and thus delay new purchases.

1 year warranty

We give you a one-year warranty on the repair provided by the Medicon repair service.

Qualified repairs

  • A thorough check of excellent function after the repair
  • Clear labeling for tracking of the repair
  • Repair of premium surgical instruments regardless of the original manufacturer
  • Profitability check

Organized Service

  • Reuseable repair boxes on demand for safe transport
  • We respect the assignment of the instruments as far as possible to facilitate the tracking within your clinical setting
  • The repair and shipping will be done within 10 working days after receiving the consignment of goods

In our price list “Medicon repair service” you will find
a detailed list of all standard repairs.

See for yourself

Visit the Medicon Technicum in Tuttlingen. The new home of our technical department houses the Medicon repair service in addition to our latest investments in high-end technology. Our experts will be happy to show and explain what is important when it comes to instrument repairs.

Together with our “Set checking” service and our instrument reprocessing course offered as part of the Medicon Courses “SURGICAL Education”, we put together a package for you to maintain the value of your

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