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Februar 2024

Arab Health 01/2024
This course is specifically designed for minimal invasive disc herniations and stenosis treatment at the lumbar and cervical level. At the core of this course is the central idea of „paying attention to details“.
Arab Health is approaching – we are looking forward to meeting our business partners and provide an insight into the business of Medicon 2023.
Additive cages for the spine – cervical and lumbar – complement the Medicon spine programme. We introduce: MediCage® 3D cervical and MediCage® 3D TLIF. Have a look at the new implants at the next events like the CNS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, U...
Stunning new design, 20 new (and 70 in total) informative product pages. A direct way to our portfolio with 35 online catalogs. Beautiful landing pages featuring our latest products. Now it is your turn to take a look.