The MEDICON “Ti-Epiplating Systems” distribute the forces acting on the abutment first to the plate and then to several bone screws. This eliminates the inconvenience of solitary implant systems, where all forces impact lies on the fi xture. Furthermore, it represents a special advantage in patients with scarce or low quality bony bed, as it is often the case in the orbital and nasal region, but also in the very well pneumatized mastoid process.

Titanium plates for surgical-epithetic treatment in the eye, ear, nose and universal area

  • Biocompatible titanium material
  • Forces are distributed over the plate and several bone screws
  • Particularly beneficial in cases of low or poor bone volume
  • The epithetic retaining elements do not pass through the skin in the area of the bone screws
  • Shape of the plates adapted to the anatomy of the respective areas of the facial skull

For bone anchoring in the eye and ear area

  • The design of the small implants ensures good force distribution
  • Low risk of perforation
  • Suitable for the treatment of thin skin conditions/flap plastics
  • Particularly suitable for confined spaces
    in the orbit
  • Compatibility with the implant abutments
    of the Epiplating-MINI-System

Our alternative for the treatment of nasal epithesis:

The transverse Ti nose plate in
a customised design with 3 magnet positions.

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