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Basic Instruments

Basic Instruments

Medicon eG’s expertise has come from decades of manufacturing surgical instruments.
Just as mastery of the fundamentals of surgical technology is essential to the success of surgery in the operating room, mastery of the principles of instrument fabrication is crucial to developing specialized skills.

To ensure performance in the OR, Medicon offers a carefully selected range of standard surgical instruments.
The field-oriented scope of basic instruments for general surgery is supplemented by detailed standard programs with model variations pragmatically adapted to areas of application for

  • ENT
  • Plastic surgery
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Neuro and spine surgery

In this way, we meet the expectations of users, distributors, and member companies.





Services related to the maintenance and servicing of surgical instruments support users and sales partners in preserving the value of the set stocks in clinics and practices.

The expertise we have acquired over the decades in all aspects of instrument manufacture makes us specialists in this field as well.

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