Medicon Courses

Renowned surgeons teach surgical techniques. Intensive training at a high level. Our courses provide a platform for scientific exchange on a small scale.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Epiplating - A Way of Direct Bone Anchorage of Craniofacial Prothesis (Epithesis)

22.09 - 23.09.2023
Free seats left

1st Course on Enhancing Accuracy in Orthognathic Surgery

03.12. - 05.12.2023
Free seats left

Orthognathic Surgery: Monomaxillary & Bimaxillary Corrections

Course Date TBA
Free seats left

Maxillofacial Oral Cancer Surgery

Course Date TBA
Free seats left

Surgical Management of Craniofacial Defects with Implant-Retained Prostheses ("Epitheses")

Planned for 2024 - Germany
Free seats left

Otolaryngology & Plastic surgery

PRESTO – Identity Preserving Facelift Technique

16.11 until 17.11.2023
Free seats left

Rhinoplasty - Close Up

09.11 until 10.11.2023
More courses are planned

Course on Auricular Reconstruction

Course Date TBA
Free seats left

Neuro and spine surgery

Mini-Open Approaches in Spine Surgery

More Courses are planned
Fully booked

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