“Haack Adapter” for the Re-Fixation of the Septum

Application: Modern rhinoplasty
"Haack Adapter" for the Re-Fixation of the Septum

Septal deformities either inborn or caused by trauma are reasons for a correction of the septum. It is not always possible to correct a severely deformed septum with conventional septal techniques.

If an extracorporal septal reconstruction is necessary after all the unavoidable corrections have been made, re-fixation of the septum has to be made in a stable and safe manner. For this reason, the newly developed suture technique – the so called „suture according to Haack“ can be applied in connection with the Haack Adapter. The goal is to re-fix the septumin a stable manner to the fragments of the bony nasal bridge after completion of all the necessary osteotomies.

  • Safe fixation of the septum after an extracorporal septoplasty
  • Luer-Lock connection allows an easy adaption of the injection cannula

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Haack Adapter

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