“mediCage®”-TLIF – Implants for the lumbar spine

Application: Lumbar spine
"mediCage®"-TLIF - Implants for the lumbar spine

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The “MediCage®-TLIF” was developed in order to maintain the intervertebral space height in the lumbar spine area. Its special design helps restore the natural lordosis and to relieve the neurological structures.

  • Thanks to its open design, the “MediCage®-TLIF” guarantees the maximum possible fusion surface.
  • Its special shape at the tip makes it easy to insert into the intervertebral space.
  • The new handle concept on the insertion instrument allows a variably adjustable implantation angle while at the same time guaranteeing a stable connection that permits working with the driving and withdrawal tool.
  • For an X-ray check, the additional fixing rod allows quick intraoperative removal and re-insertion of the insertion instrument.
  • Reliable and simple lot number traceability by “Trace-ID Pins” ensures a greater patient safety.

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