PRESTO – Identity Preserving Facelift Technique

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2.000,00 € (plus the statutory rate of VAT)
07.11. – 08.11.2024
Clinic Dr. Funk, Frau-Holle-Straße 32, 81739 Munich
12 Participants

Dear colleagues,

Producing youthful facial appearence by face lifting often comes along with an undesired loss of a patients individual phenotype characteristics. This may result from insufficient preservation of retaining ligaments, the „dynamic guardians of facial identity“ and from complete severance of the intersegmental connections of the superficial musculo-aponeurotic
system (SMAS) which tether, structure and compartmentalize facial soft tissue into defined, cosmetically relevant anatomical zones.


How to do deep plane rhytidectomy easy, save, fast and protecting the personal identity?


– Identity
– Rhytidectomy
– SMAS technique
– Retaining ligaments
– Facelift
– Aesthetic surgery


With kind regards,
Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Funk

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