“mediCage®”-Cervical – Placeholder for Removed Vertebrae for the Cervical Spine

Application: Cervical spine
"mediCage®"-Cervical - Placeholder for Removed Vertebrae for the Cervical Spine

The „mediCage®“-Cervical is used forintercorporal fusion of the cervical spine. It is used for the immobilisation and stabilization of one or more segments of the cervical spine. The open design allows a safe positioning of the implant. After successful positioning unloaded endplate areas will be refreshed and cancellous bone can be inserted in situ. This ensures a safe anchoring in the stable areas of the adjacent vertebrae and allows an optimal area for the bony fusion.

  • Good view of the dura and thereby a safe positioning of the cage under direct visual control
  • Refreshingof unloaded endplate areas in situ
  • Large area for bony fusion
  • Anatomic shape for restoration of the lordotic profile
  • A secure anchoring is assured in the stable zones of the neighboring vertebrae
  • Maximum space for spongiosa filling
  • The surgeon can choose from different sizes for the compensation of anatomical circumstances as well as for the individual problems and symptoms
  • Reliable and simple lot number traceability by “Trace-ID Pins” ensures a greater patient safety

Additional advantages of the PEEK-models

  • Excellent X-ray transparency
  • X-ray positive pins allow a secure postoperative control of the bony fusion and if necessary a better determination of neurological complications
  • Post-operative control of bone fusion and, if necessary, better detection of neurological complications.
  • Artifact-free visualisation during MRI/CT

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“mediCage®” -Cervical

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