Rhinoplasty Close Up

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Rhinoplasty Close Up

Course Information


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Marienhospital Stuttgart, Böheimstraße 37, 70199 Stuttgart, Germany

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Rhinoplasty Close Up


Dear colleagues,

Rhinoplasties are amongst the most common surgical procedures in the face but this operation has also one of the highest failure rates. This has different reasons. Each rhinoplasty affects the shape as well as the function. Both aspects have to be considered in planning such a procedure.
To perform a successful rhinoplasty a sufficient analysis, percise techniques and careful tissue handling is needed. Experience must be extended by visiting colleagues and attending special courses.


The „Marienhospital Stuttgart“ is the first hospital in Germany to establish a plastic surgery clinic back in 1949. For more than 25 years, we have also been sharing our knowledge of functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty in surgical courses. In the course concept presented here, we do not only show our technique of advanced rhinoplasty. Rather, we would like to open the doors for a real close-up view of the entire surgical procedure during various rhinoplasty cases. It will be a pleasure for us to demonstrate to you the newest techniques and our concept in this challenging field of surgery.


With kind regards,
Dr. Sebastian Haack

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