Bipolar Non-Sticking Forceps “MAGIC non-stick”

Bipolar Non-Sticking Forceps "MAGIC non-stick"

Bipolar forceps are used together with high frequency surgical units in almost every invasive medical discipline in order to cut and coagulate biological tissue. The two separately insulated electrode tips of the forceps ensure that electricity only flows through the intended intervention area.

The anti-stick coating of the bipolar forceps “MAGIC non-stick” assures a more effective coagulation by avoiding the tips sticking together. Thus the non-stick forceps have to be cleaned less often during the surgery which saves operation time.

  • Anti-stick coating assures more effective coagulation and
  • avoids adhesion of biological tissue on the tips of the forceps
  • Fast heat and electricity dissipation
  • Easy cleaning of the tips
  • Connector for the most common high-frequency units in the operation room

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MAGIC non-stick – Bipolar Non-sticking Forceps

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