Titanium Plate System “Epiplating” for Osseo-integrated Bone Anchorage of Craniofacial Prosthesis

Application: Epiplating
Titanium Plate System "Epiplating" for Osseo-integrated Bone Anchorage of Craniofacial Prosthesis

Rehabilitation of patients with craniofacial defects caused by innate malformation, trauma or tumour surgery, was revolutionized by the method of direct bone anchorage of craniofacial prosthesis (epithesis) and bone anchored hearing systems. By no other means, such a good retention of the prosthesis could be achieved.

Thereby, the physician is able to offer a reliable and cosmetically sophisticated concept for rehabilitation after surgical tumour therapy This is especially important, when surgery means an ablative procedure with complete resection of the nose, the ear or the orbita. Osseo-integrated bone anchorage by titanium implants and the following prosthetic care is of great benefi t for the patients with craniofacial defects.

The “MEDICON “Ti-Epiplating System” spreads the forces acting on the superstructure at fi rst onto the plates, thereafter onto the multiple bone screws. This eliminates the inconvenience of solitary implant systems, where all forces impact lies on the fi xture. Furthermore, it represents a special advantage in patients with scarce or low quality bony bed, as it is often the case in the orbital and nasal region, but also in the very well pneumatized mastoid process. The attachments are established remote from the site of the osseointegrated bone screws, i.e. the skin penetration of the attachments is not near to the bone screws.

The“Ti-Epiplating System” implants are made of biocompatible titanium and the design of the individual plates is adjusted to the anatomy of the different parts of the skull.

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Epiplating titanium plate System

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