Placeholder for removed Intervertebral Discs “mediCage®”-thoracal for Thoracic Spine

Application: Thoracic spine
Placeholder for removed Intervertebral Discs "mediCage®"-thoracal for Thoracic Spine

The “mediCage®”-Thoracal is applied for the interbody fusion at the thoracic vertebral column. It guarantees the immobilization and stabilization of one or more segments of the thoracic vertebral column. The “mediCage®”-Thoracal is used in combination with the THORAMIC Instrument Set and offers all the advantages of the “mediCage®” series.

  • Large area for bony fusion
  • Secure anchoring in the stable zones of the neighbouring vertebrae
  • Maximum space for spongiosa filling
  • Different sizes are available to meet the anatomical circumstances and the individual clinical picture
  • Color-coded implants simplify configuration of the tray and help for quick identification when replenishing
  • Reliable and simple lot number traceability by “Trace-ID Pins” ensures a greater patient safety
Developed in cooperation with: PD Dr. med. Heinrich Böhm

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